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Autonomous mining, interoperability and AI will be the focus of GMG’s Future Mining Forum in Edmonton on October 2-3.

On Day 1 the conversation will hone in on autonomous mining. From KPIs to getting the most out of your autonomous system and working with regulators, workers and communities to make it happen, a holistic approach to autonomous planning will enable greater industry adoption. The format will include expert speakers, a panel discussion, case studies by mine operators and providers on autonomous mining implementation and breakout sessions to delve deeper into the topics to ensure participants gain knowledge they can bring back to their sites to implement changes.

The following day will start with invigorating presentations on driving innovation through interoperability and AI and a breakout session. A roundtable discussion will consider how to build on SMART Benchmarking to develop a global industry driven benchmarking system. Participants will also be treated to a draft of the GMG Global Vision Interoperability Roadmap hot off the press.

Though the program is still being finalized, confirmed speakers to date include:

  • Steve Little, Senior Engineering Advisor, Mine Equipment at Suncor
  • Michelle Ash, Chief Innovation Officer at Barrick Gold
  • James Marston, Mining Engineer at Golder
  • Michael Carniato, Senior Associate Mechanical R&D at Syncrude
  • Drew Larsen, Director Business Development at Autonomous Solutions
  • Tim Skinner, President at SMART Systems Group 
  • Ross Gibbins, Business Development Manager at Thiess   
  • Zoli Lukacs, Advisor, Asset Optimization
  • Angela Hamlyn, CEO at CIM
  • Carl Weatherell, CEO at CMIC

The GMG Forum experience

GMG’s Future Mining Forums were developed to foster wide collaboration between industry members, allowing participants to share their expertise with the global mining community and discover new pathways to sustainability and cost-efficiency. They offer a chance to discover how the industry’s collective vision of future mining will look. Each forum is held in partnership with regional mining associations or other local partners to ensure that region’s voice is strong within the global mining community.

These forums are small by design to give all participants the opportunity to be part of the conversation, work with their peers and effect change. “I believe we are a pivotal generation in the evolution of mining,” says Owain Morton, Glencore’s Global Mining Lead – Business Transformation, who participated in the Sudbury forum last June. “These forums help us collaboratively try and manage our own destiny rather than being forced into change by the world around us.”

The format of GMG forums includes provocative presentations from experts inside and outside of mining on new ways of thinking, real-life experiences from industry leaders and updates on GMG projects. “We live and work in an area where information sharing (through social media) has become the norm and people have learned that the value in sharing information far outweighs the risks associated with it,” says Gertjan Bekkers, Mining & Operations Readiness Manager – Project Century at Goldcorp. He adds: “The Future Mining Forums are easily accessible and organized worldwide, allowing different perspectives to be shared and updated on a regular basis. Needless to say that the information presented and shared during the forums provide individuals and companies with the essential level of confidence to move forward with appropriate implementation of new technology.”

Morton explained how it is easy to get caught up in projects and have “site-based tunnel vision” and that these forums bring value because they provide “a wider perspective” on emerging technologies in mining. As an example of this wider perspective in action, Morton explained that as a result of the Sudbury forum, LTE technologies, previously only considered in a specific Glencore Canadian site, are now being researched for their broader applicability in underground settings globally and where applicable.

Upcoming events

Take part in one of the many GMG events taking place around the world this year. In addition to workshops there are forums being held in Edmonton (October 2-3), Tucson (October 17-18) and Santiago (November 13-14) and the Summit, reserved exclusively for Collaborator and Leadership members.

Information on upcoming events can be found here.

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