Teachers journey “down under” at Nickel Rim South Mine


20 student teachers in work gear and helmets

An excited group of B.Ed. elementary and secondary school student teachers ready to tour the Nickel Rim South Mine on November 16. Courtesy of the Canadian Ecology Centre (CEC)

A group of 20 student teachers from Nipissing University’s Schulich School of Education journeyed to the Nickel Rim South Mine in Sudbury, Ontario on November 16. The tour was a part of the Canadian Ecology Centre’s ongoing commitment to a modern mining outreach program, with support and contributions from CIM Branches (GTA West, Northern Gateway, Sudbury, and Timmins), Societies and the National Office.

The tour featured a two-day Mining 101 pre-visit with a “down under” opportunity at the Glencore mine. Bill Steer, CEC Founder and General Manager said, “It is all about promoting the four pillars of modern mining… the environment, safety, the world of work, and technology. Teachers can make a difference as they influence many students during the span of their career.”

Teachers’ Mining Tours have been ongoing for a decade and two to three tours are arranged each year. Previous tours have visited North American Palladium (NAP) and Goldcorp mines in Thunder Bay and Timmins.

Roy Slack, CIM President Elect said, “The teachers’ tour is a great way to engage and inform the public of our industry. We receive very positive feedback from the attendees who share their experience with their students and co-workers. It is a very successful program.”

To learn more about Teachers’ Mining Tours and how you can fund a future tour, visit the CEC website.