SUMIT Program Journal launched


CIM's partner organization, the Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation (CEMI), has just released the SUMIT Program Journal - a Laurentian University led and CEMI managed investigation of innovative technologies for rock engineering and energy optimization approaches in underground mining.

Smart Underground Monitoring & Integrated Technologies for Deep Mine (SUMIT) research initiative, completed in June 2016. The six-year collaborative program's objective was the development of smart engineering techniques, technologies, tools and knowledge to facilitate step-change advances in productivity, efficiency and energy optimization in underground mining at depth.

SUMIT focused on three challenges associated with deep underground mining:

1)  Rock mass characterization to “better see into the ground”, anticipate risks and interpret dynamic processes;

2)  Enhanced mine development for faster mine construction to increase economic returns;

3)  Sustaining deep mines through energy optimization and underground environmental controls.

SUMIT also enhanced the understanding of energy demand and usage on mine sites and how new energy approaches may be adopted to lower demand, limit greenhouse gas emissions and reduce environmental footprints.

See the full report