President's note: Bring back the miners


Michael Winship

Near the start of my tenure as CIM President, I met Dick McIvor at a Sudbury Branch meeting. Dick is a CIM Life Member and hoisting specialist. He charged me with the task to “bring back the miners”. By this, he meant CIM needed to get more people from the operations to come out to the branch meetings: geologists, mining engineers, processors, managers and other mining personnel. In turn, this would stimulate growth in participation from our industry consultants, contractors and suppliers. Also Dick wanted to see more senior mining leaders participating locally with CIM, to encourage the new generation of young professionals to participate.

Many times over my career, I have been rewarded by being part of our association, from networking to learning technical knowledge, leadership and organizational skills. I feel passionately about the benefits of being a CIM member and want to encourage as many people to join as possible.

Like the mining industry as a whole, CIM has faced many challenges in the downturn over the last six years. Our membership numbers are down and in turn our finances are down. We need to restore a critical mass of members in order to continue to provide the high-quality services CIM offers. To that end we have an action plan for membership and our council and national office are concentrating on this as our top priority. 
Mindful of my assignment, I have traveled to CIM events throughout the country and have worked hard to encourage everyone from former colleagues of my generation through to students to participate in CIM. I have encouraged diversity to have better balance of women, First Nations, visible minorities and others involved in CIM and our industry.

If you are reading this note, you are likely already a CIM National member and I am preaching to the converted. However, my request to you is to engage your fellow colleagues who are not members. Invite them to branch meetings and social events. Share with them the benefits of being a National member: the networking opportunities, conventions, technical and professional development through One-Mine and EduMine, the digital and print communications, the list goes on. Please join me in the quest to “bring back the miners” to CIM!

Michael Winship - CIM President