New scholarship from the Maintenance, Engineering & Reliability (MER) Society


In 2016 the CIM Diversity and Inclusion Best Practice Guidelines articulated the goal that diversity become an ingrained value of CIM and the mining industry as a whole. Consequently in 2017 the MER Society decided that the MER Memorial Scholarship should be used to strengthen the opportunities for access and inclusion to the industry, via a post-secondary education pathway for awardees, so that diversity within the Canadian mining industry and associated industries is improved.

Name of Scholarship MER Memorial Scholarship 
Type of Scholarship Access and/or maintenance scholarship for academically excellent post-secondary students, non-renewable
Value of Scholarship $2500 payable in 2 equal portions in December and the following February of the academic year fro which the award is made. In order to receive the second installment, the recipient must provide an official communication from their institution confirming successful completion of the fall semester.
Eligibility This scholarship is open to any CIM National member (including student members), or the son, daughter or spouse of a CIM National member, enrolled at any Canadian post-secondary institution, following a program of relevance to the Canadian mining industry.

Note: CIM membership is open to students from a very broad range of degree disciplines, including those that extend well beyond science and engineering. Students, and prospective students can join CIM online here

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