Earth Magazine gets to the root of RFG


 “To continue developing resources responsibly in the future – as will be necessary to further human progress – we need to understand earth in all its complexity, our relationship to the planet and the role that humans will play in maintaining supplies of critical resources while also exploiting them more cleanly for the benefit of all,” wrote John Thompson, chair of the Resources for Future Generations (RFG) conference in Earth Magazine earlier this month.

In the article, Thompson explained that the purpose of the RFG conference is to encourage scientists, industry leaders, people in government and First Nations to exchange knowledge and ideas regarding energy, minerals, water and the Earth so that we can better understand our planet and how and where to cleanly extract resources from it. By doing so, comprehensive and effective strategies and innovations to help us meet our resource needs in economical and environmentally friendly ways can be more easily developed.

CIM is proud to be an organizer and supporter of this event, which will be held in Vancouver from June 16 to 21, 2018.

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