CIM’s Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee gets new leadership


By Lenie Lucci

Lana Eagle headshot

As we prepare to usher in the New Year, we also welcome two important leaders to the CIM community. Lana Eagle and Catharine Shaw have been named chair and vice-chair, respectively, of CIM’s Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee (DIAC).

“I am hoping to contribute my enthusiasm for such a dynamic topic,” said Eagle when asked what she hoped to bring to the role. “How do we create cultures where people feel they belong and their contribution does matter?”

The purpose of DIAC is to encourage diversity and inclusion within CIM and the mining industry at large. “I think the committee can share any learning opportunities that discuss diversity and inclusion, and become a repository of resources for members and collaborate with other organizations that are doing similar work,” said Eagle.

As the mining workforce evolves, Eagle said she thinks the biggest challenge will be opposition to change. “How do we change our mindset to be open to diversity – to think and act more inclusively?”

Eagle made a point of defining inclusivity as “not just about gender diversity” but also “Indigenous people, gender and minority groups as sources from which to build our industry.” DIAC has set out to help overcome opposition to diversity and “have more people who represent mining companies making strides in the area of diversity and inclusion.”