CIM members vote to accept changes to CIM By-Law


Over the past seven years, CIM has made revisions to its By-Law. After making additional changes this past April during the CIM Annual General Meeting, it was decided that all of the changes made to the By-Law since 2010 be revisited and voted on by the general CIM membership. In September, 309 CIM members chose to participate in this process.

Proposed changes to the By-Law were voted upon utilizing a dedicated tool, and the overwhelming response from participating CIM members was in agreement with the changes. On average, 93.4% of votes were in favour of the changes and 6.6% were against them. As a result, the CIM By-Law has been officially amended to reflect these changes. Additionally, the By-Law has been updated to be more gender neutral.

All amendments along with vote tallies for each relevant section can be viewed in this PDF. To see the By-Law in its entirety, you must be a CIM member and login to your CIM account.