Stakeholder review panel documents


Stakeholder Review Panel of the Centre for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility has reviewed these documents. The Stakeholder Review Panel members represent different industry organizations and companies, non-industry groups, and government authorities. The documents are posted here to increase public access to documents that have broad multi-stakeholder acceptance. They do not necessarily represent the views of the individual Panel members, or the organizations that they represent.

Document Category


CSR Reporting in South Africa

Source: Journal of Business Communication, Volume 45, Number 3, 286-307

Geography: South Africa

The Role of MNEs in Community Development Initiatives in Developing Countries - CSR at Work in Nigeria and South Africa

Source: Business & Society Volume 45 Number 2, 93-129 © 2006 Sage Publications

Geography: Nigeria, South Africa

Does the Market Respond to an Endorsement of Social Responsibility? The Role of Institutions, Information, and Legitimacy

Source: Journal of Management Vol. 36 No. 6, November 2010 1461-1485. DOI: 10.1177/0149206309337896

Geography: Global

Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability

Source: Business & Society 50(1) 6–27 © 2011 SAGE Publications DOI: 10.1177/0007650310394323

Geography: Global

The Challenge of Measuring Financial Impacts From Investments in Corporate Social Performance

Source: Journal of Management 35(6) 1518–1541 © 2009 Southern Management Association DOI: 10.1177/0149206309335188

Geography: Global

Government and Agency Reports

Corporate Social Responsibility Research Initiative Final Report November 2013

Source: Strategic Outreach and Partnerships Division
Minerals, Metals and Materials Policy Branch
Minerals and Metals Sector
Natural Resources Canada


Projet de recherche sur la responsabilité sociale des entreprises Rapport final Novembre 2013

Source: Division du rayonnement et des partenariats stratégiques
Direction de la politique des minéraux, métaux et matériaux
Secteur des minéraux et des métaux
Ressources naturelles Canada


CSR Roundtable Report

Source: Advisory Group

Geography: Global


Non-Industry Reports

IBA Community Toolkit - Negotiation and Implementation of Impact and Benefit Agreements

Source: Walter & Duncan Gordon Foundation

Geography: Global

Sharing the Wealth: First Nation Resource Participation Models

Source: BC First Nations Energy & Mining Council

Geography: Global

From Red to Green Flags - The corporate responsibility to respect human rights in high-risk countries

Source: Institute for Human Rights and Business

Geography: High Risk / Fragile States