Technical Publications 2016 Activities

In 2016 the Technical Publications Committee (TPC) held four quarterly meetings (March, May, September and December). Key topics for discussion involved improving the paper submission rate and turnaround between paper acceptance and publication, as well as enhancing the visibility and accessibility of CIM Journal to a broad audience. Specifically:

  • Invited recommended paper authors from conferences (i.e. COM, MeMO, IMPC and CMP) to submit their papers to CIM Journal for peer review
  • Created option for CIM Journal authors to have their papers published as “preprints”, to shorten the time between papers acceptance and publication

In 2016, 53 volunteer peer reviewers generously shared their expertise to review the 43 papers submitted for review. Of these papers, 10 are published, 12 are accepted and scheduled for publication in 2017, seven are with authors for revision, 10 are under review, and four were rejected. TPC chairs made an additional nine decisions on papers submitted late in 2015 (six are published, three are with authors for revision).