Governance Committee

The Governance Committee has responsibility to oversee the nomination and election of officers and directors; evaluation of Council and members; succession planning for the Council and its Committees; review and recommendations of the By-laws and Governance Policy; auditing compliance of By-laws and policies; and various other duties.

Committee members

Kenneth G. Thomas, CIM Past President

Michael Allan
Michael Cinnamond 
Michael Winship
Pierre Beaudoin 

CIM President ex-officio: Janice Zinck

CIM Chief Executive Officer (ex-officio non-voting): Angela Hamyln


The CIM Governance Committee was created in early 2010 with the adoption of the new CIM Bylaws, which had been mailed to all CIM members. Based on a written CIM Governance Policy created in 2008, a check list was developed outlining the specific duties and issues that the Governance Committee would be examining, including a review of the structures and policies that govern Council and committees; evaluating the performance and attendance of Council members; and ensuring CIM affairs conform to good business practice, fair employment and professional standards. CIM Council members and CIM National staff were asked to sign a Governance Policy Code of Conduct and related Undertaking document as well as a Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form. As part of the Bylaws, two-year staggered terms (meaning only half of the board terms will end in any given year) for board members were instituted in order to bring more stability to Council.