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Earth's Riches

Our Earth’s riches was originally planned as a 550 square metre travelling exhibition, that would be displayed across sites in Canada from coast to coast to coast over a five-year period. This exhibition would have brought up to 300,000 visitors each year, from children to teenagers to adults and anyone else interested in learning about the minerals and metals industry.

However, due to the impact of COVID-19 and the new reality it has created, in addition to the incredible reach provided by digital technology, a revision to the original proposal has been brought forward for the Earth’s Riches program.


A Digital Game

The proposed physical travelling exhibition will be transformed into a digital game. The benefits of a digital game include:

  • significant reach as well as accessibility to smaller and underserved communities that would not be able to access the exhibition
  • a fun an interactive way for children and teens to learn about mining
  • complementary resources for educators and schools to develop their curriculum, lesson plans and activities to be
  • used in the classroom
  • can be developed in both English and French

This educational digital game will promote mineral literacy among young Canadians and encourage future participation in the industry. Overarching themes of the digital game experience will consist of:

  • innovative technology
  • diversity of the workforce
  • environmental responsibility
  • social responsibility
  • health and safety

The game’s content will focus on and encompass all stages of the mining cycle:

  • mineral exploration and discovery
  • mine design and development
  • mine operations (open-pit and underground mining; mineral processing)
  • mine closure and rehabilitation


Key Messages

The proposed digital game will have feature key messaging to educate children, educators and the public.

  • Mining improves our quality of life and mineral resources are essential to products we use every day
  • Mining is in an inclusive industry that actively engages with and incorporates a diverse group of people
  • People in the industry are dedicated to extract minerals and metals safely and take pride in their role of mine closure and site rehabilitation
  • Mining is innovative; throughout a mine’s life cycle, innovations make mining safe, green and socially responsible
  • Mining is technologically advanced and new digital technologies are transforming the industry now and for the future


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