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Our Earth’s Riches

Consisting of three 185 square metre “pods,” the full exhibit would occupy 550 square metres, which works well for larger science centres. The individual pods could also be displayed in smaller science centres and other venues.

Over a five-year period, the Our Earth's Riches exhibit will travel to various urban centres and be experienced by people from all walks of life.

How many people?

Some of the largest science centres have attendance exceeding one million people a year. For this exhibit it has been estimated that attendance could be in the order of 300,000 visitors per year. The potential is there for this to reach 1.5 million people over its 5-year tour. Our previous efforts through the M4S program reached 75,000 people over a 10-year period. You can see how this brings the public engagement experience above and beyond anything we have contemplated before in the industry. By establishing a permanent year-round display and moving it to different science centres, we can achieve far greater outreach.



Cutting-edge technology. Science North exhibits utilize the latest in technology to give visitors an exciting interactive experience. This includes virtual reality, multimedia centres and interactive displays.

Bilingual exhibits. The exhibits are done in French and English. 

Ability to update. Much of the technology and interactive material is computer-based, so although the physical exhibit is built of material, the content can be updated as new technology becomes available in the industry.

Visitor experience focus. Science North focuses on the visitor’s experience and knows what it takes to attract visitors and heighten their interest, expand their knowledge and make a positive impression.



Science North will lead the creative process with CIM acting as the technical support. Early concepts will be sent out to CIM constituents for feedback and advanced concepts will be reviewed by a CIM Committee comprised of representatives of CIM, stakeholders and major donors. There will be a review at each step of the creative process.

Making a Difference

The need to change the outdated perception of our industry, engage the next generation and demonstrate the essential role our sector will play towards a greener and more sustainable future has never been so significant. Our Earth’s Riches will play a significant role in achieving this goal. Together, as champions of our industry, we can help create a brighter and more prosperous future for the next generation of minerals and metals professionals, and for all Canadians.



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