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Expand awareness of mining's essential contribution to society

How often have you thought to yourself, “I wish the public had a better idea of what our industry is really like" instead of how it's generally portrayed? Mining's essential role in a greener and sustainable future has created a need to change how the public perceives our industry and involve the younger generation. Our Earth's Riches will play a significant role in making that change.

An ambitious project of this scale requires significant funding. We are asking your company or group to help fund this important initiative and play a part in ensuring that the public is aware of mining's essential contributions to society. If you are interested, please contact us for more information.

We are asking for either a lump-sum donation or instalments over a three-year period, and are open to any other suggestions including in-kind support. For individual donations in cash or other securities, this can be done through the CIM Foundation which is able to provide the proper documentation for tax purposes. 

Continue reading to see how Our Earth's Riches will achieve a new level of public awareness of our great and essential industry: The Concept.


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