Governance Committee

The Governance Committee has the responsibility to oversee the nomination and election of officers and directors, evaluate Council and members, create succession plans for the Council and its Committees, review and make recommendations of the By-Law and Governance Policies, and audit compliance of By-Law and policies, among various other duties. Members take the role of governance seriously, ensuring CIM elects strong leaders and that the Council manages CIM effectively.

Committee Members


Samantha Espley
CIM Past President 2020-2021

Directors at Large

Garth Kirkham
Kirkham Geosystems Ltd.

Johnna Muininen
Dumont Nickel


Pierre Julien
CIM President 2021-2022

Angela Hamlyn
CIM Chief Executive Officer

Benoit Sawyer
CIM Chief Financial Officer

Eric Talbot
PWC, Chair CIM Audit and Risk Committee


Pierre Boivin
McCarthy Tétrault LLP

Daniel Bornstein
McCarthy Tétrault LLP


Marilou Reboulis


The CIM Governance Committee was created in early 2010 with the adoption of the new CIM Bylaws, which had been mailed to all CIM members. Based on a written CIM Governance Policy created in 2008, a check list was developed outlining the specific duties and issues that the Governance Committee would be examining, including a review of the structures and policies that govern Council and committees; evaluating the performance and attendance of Council members; and ensuring CIM affairs conform to good business practice, fair employment and professional standards. CIM Council members and CIM National staff were asked to sign a Governance Policy Code of Conduct and related Undertaking document as well as a Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form. As part of the Bylaws, two-year staggered terms (meaning only half of the board terms will end in any given year) for board members were instituted in order to bring more stability to Council.

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