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Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee is to encourage diversity and inclusion within CIM and the mining industry at large. In 2017, DIAC conducted a final review of the committee’s Terms of References, Best Practice Guidelines and a Diversity Calendar and agreed they should be shared on the CIM website. The first CIM Diversity & Inclusion Award was developed and was presented to Catharine Shaw of Golder Associates. Catharine is a founding member and past president of Women in Mining Canada.  

Commitee members


  • Lana Eagle
  • Catharine Shaw

Member & Founding Chair:

  • Patty Moore


  • Nathan Stubin


  • Mohammed Ali
  • Mafalda Arias
  • Jo-Anne Boucher
  • Edith Garneau
  • Angela Hamlyn
  • Bob Schafer
  • Cassandra Spence
  • Nathan Stubina
  • Anna Tudela
  • Mary Wells
  • Michael Winship
  • Janice Zinck

Download: Business Case for Diversity | Diversity and Inclusion Best Practices | Terms of Reference

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