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Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) Awards

Celebrating excellence and leadership in sustainable development

Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) Awards acknowledges companies, facilities and individuals that have implemented projects and initiatives to expand and promote sustainable development within the mining sector.

The awards will be presented in the following categories. 

  • TSM Community Engagement Excellence Award
  • TSM Environmental Excellence Award


The award shall be given to a mine or metallurgical site currently participating in and publicly reporting TSM performance in recognition of an innovative achievement in community engagement that took place within the last three years and whose contribution meets one or more of the following criteria:
  • Innovative approaches to engage with communities of interest and ensure that communities of interest have a legitimate voice in the company’s decision-making process;
  • Collaboration with communities of interest to address common community goals;
  • Initiatives to address a specific need identified by the local community;
  • Creative and/or innovative initiatives in which a large impact is made with a strategic investment;
  • Unique approaches to health and safety initiatives for employees, contractors and communities;
  • Initiatives intended to provide lasting benefits to local communities through self-sustaining programs that enhance the economic, social, educational and health aspects of a community;
  • Collaboration with governments and communities to support and encourage community development programs.

Requirements and Conditions

  1. A mine or metallurgical site’s most recent TSM performance results will be a heavily-weighted factor in the selection process. Recipients of this award will have completed at least one cycle of TSM external verification.
  2. Normally, not more than one award may be made in any given year. In the event of extraordinary nominations, consideration may be given for more than one award.
  3. All nominations must be accompanied by:
    • A complete description of the meritorious achievement.
    • A justification of its leadership value and its potential impact on environmental and/or social practices in the mining sector.
    • At least one letter of support or endorsement from a relevant community of interest.
    • TSM performance scores provided by MAC or an appropriate provincial mining association.
  4. The CIM executive director shall refer each nomination to the TSM Awards Selection Committee.
  5. The Committee's selection shall be reported to CIM Council no later than the last Council meeting held prior to the annual CIM Conference & Exhibition at which the presentation is expected to be made.
  6. The members of the TSM Awards Selection Committee shall not be party to the nomination of any candidate.
  7. The award shall be presented by a MAC representative at the annual CIM Conference & Exhibition. In the event that the sponsor is not available the award shall be presented by the current CIM president.
  8. All nominations properly presented, and not selected as award recipients for that particular year, shall be carried forward for the next two years unless formally withdrawn. If a nomination is carried forward, the most recent year of TSM performance data will be taken into consideration. Nominees will be provided an opportunity to update their submission for reconsideration the following year.



IAMGOLD, Community Engagement Excellence

Scrap Metal Recovery to Support Local Initiatives Peanut Butter Example

IAMGOLD is a mid-tier mining company headquartered in Toronto, Canada with four operating gold mines on three continents. A solid base of strategic assets is complemented by a diverse pipeline of development and exploration projects, a continuous assessment of accretive acquisition opportunities and a deep commitment to mutually beneficial partnerships.

The company’s strong performance is supported through a high-performance culture defined by operational excellence, financial discipline, employee empowerment, sustainable innovation and the highest standards of health, safety and corporate social responsibility.


Vale, Environmental Excellence

Sudbury Biodiversity Program

Vale’s Sudbury Operations has a comprehensive biodiversity program designed to reclaim historically stressed lands and waterways and restore them back to their natural state after more than a century of mining and logging activities.

The program includes aerial seeding, reclaiming tailings with biosolids, planting milkweed for monarch butterflies, hosting bee colonies and stocking fish in local rivers and lakes. Vale also invests $250,000 and donates 50,000 tree seedlings annually to the City of Greater Sudbury’s Biodiversity Action Plan.

These biodiversity initiatives, coupled with Vale’s $1 Billion Clean AER Project, which will reduce sulphur dioxide emissions from our Smelter by 85% and greenhouse gas emissions by 40%, truly demonstrate Vale’s commitment to one of its core values: ‘Prize Our Planet.’

Vale’s Sudbury Operations is one of the largest integrated mining complexes in the world and produces nickel, copper, cobalt, platinum group metals, gold and silver.

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