Mel Bartley Outstanding Branch Award


Mel W. Bartley Outstanding Branch Award

For the CIM Branch demonstrating the most progress

Origins & Conditions


After graduating with a PhD from the University of Toronto, Mel W. Bartley held important positions at several mining and exploration companies: chief geologist and engineer for Steep Rock Iron Mines, exploration manager for Cliffs of Canada and principal emeritus of Lakehead University, to name a few.

As president of CIM from 1975 to 1976, he created the concept of District and Divisional technical meetings at CIM. The Mel W. Bartley Outstanding Branch Award was created in 1977, before his death in 1986.

The Mel W. Bartley Outstanding Branch Award is to be awarded annually to the Branch judged to have made the most progress toward achieving the aims and objectives of the Institute. 

The Mel W. Bartley Outstanding Branch Award criteria and other information:

  1. The award is to be presented to the CIM Branch demonstrating the most effective progress in reaching the aims and objectives of the Institute. Criteria for selection:

    (a) Points for the increase in CIM Branch Membership.

    (b) Points for the increase in CIM National Membership within the Branch.

    (c) Points for the development of special guest speaker programs.

    (d) Points for the utilization of CIM Distinguished Lecturers program.

    (e) Points for the participation in District activities.

    (f) Points for the participation in programs developed and suggested by CIM National Office.

    (g) Points for the development of local Branch activities to meet the needs of the local industry community.

  2. The award shall be presented on an annual basis, but no more than one award may be made in any given year.
  3. CIM National Office will forward to the Branches an entry form that addresses the "Criteria for Selection."
  4. The Selection Committee, chaired by the Central District Vice-President and consisting of the District Vice-Presidents, shall make its decision not later than March 31, of the year of presentation of the award.
  5. The Selection Committee shall present the nominations to CIM Council no later than the last Council Meeting held prior to the next CIM Convention.
  6. When approved, the award shall be presented at the CIM Convention.


There is only one recipient of this award every year. This award is solely for CIM Branches.

Nominate a candidate

Nominate a candidate



CIM Sudbury

There is perhaps no CIM branch with a stronger tradition and presence in mining and the minerals industries than the CIM Sudbury Branch. The very history of the city is rooted in the mining industry. Approximately 60 percent of all underground hard rock mining in Canada takes place within a 300-mile radius of Sudbury. Thanks to the large volume of mining in the region, mining companies such as Vale and Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations, A Glencore Company (Sudbury INO), and suppliers such as Komatsu and Sandvik, enjoy a healthy presence in the area. 

The CIM Sudbury Branch exists to provide networking, education, and fellowship for our members as well as support our local educational institutions and mining organizations. Our annual donations are made for the betterment of students and to promote public awareness of the mining and minerals industries. 

It must be said though, that people are the branch’s greatest strength. At a time when many people find it difficult to meet all the demands of family and career, the Sudbury Branch benefits from the efforts of individuals willing to dedicate the time to maintaining the high standards required by the members. 16 professionals from the mining industry and one post-secondary level student work tirelessly to achieve all aspects of the branch’s mandate. 


CIM Sudbury Branch 2016

CIM Sudbury strengthens industry through presentations, networking activities, mentorship, and supporting future generations of mining professionals.

The CIM Sudbury Branch reflects the vitality of the local mining industry, enjoying a large membership, an impressive technical program, and a full social calendar.


CIM Vancouver Branch

The CIM Vancouver branch, ideally located in close proximity to the head offices of many major mining corporations as well as numerous junior mining companies, provides the best opportunities to regularly network with the local mining industry from world-class mine operating companies to up-and-coming mine developers, from global mining equipment suppliers to niche mining technology developers.

We will continue to grow as a forum for technical presentations and networking with mining professionals. The branch will also continue to support the development of the local CIM student chapters, to engage with students and bring them into the CIM community.