Regional Metal Trophy, Quebec/Maritimes


Regional Metal Trophy, Quebec/Maritimes



Hecla Québec, Mine Casa Berardi

The Casa Berardi mine is located 95 km north of La Sarre, on a 37 km portion of the Casa Berardi fault and produces mainly gold.   

Safety is an absolute priority for Hecla Quebec. The mining company has always aimed to innovate and invest for the benefit of the health and safety of its workers. The company has implemented an integrated health and safety management system throughout the company and attaches great importance to continuous improvement and innovation.  

In 2018, the Casa Berardi mine was the first international mine to receive CORESafety certification from the US National Mining Association.  

This second John T. Ryan award in three years demonstrates the dedication of all Casa Berardi employees toward health & safety. It is also a strong demonstration of teamwork and leadership among the company in managing risks, innovation, developing a safety culture to achieve a zero incident rate and to ensure everyone is safely returning home to their families every day.  


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