CIM Fellowship


CIM Fellowship

For outstanding continuous contributions to CIM and/or the mining, metallurgical and petroleum industries

Origins & Conditions



The CIM Fellowship award was established by CIM Council in November 1986.


To recognize outstanding continuous contributions to CIM and the mining, metallurgical and petroleum industries


- Contributions to CIM.
- Contributions to the mining, metallurgical and petroleum industry.
- Contributions to society and humanity.
- Contributions to education.
- Special distinction (awards, honours previously received).
- Other significant contributions.


Candidates shall have a minimum of ten (10) years of current, continuous CIM National membership.


There can be multiple recipients of this award every year. This award is solely for individual nominations (no teams).

Nominate a candidate

Nominate a candidate



Stéfanie Vo

Stéfanie Vo is a process engineer with 15 years of experience in consulting engineering. Her experience mainly focuses on the iron ore industry with a concentratio on mineral processing operations and process optimization. She spent more than four years on-site in an iron ore concentrator supporting operations as part of the process metallurgy team.  

In addition to her in-plant experience, she has taken roles as engagement manager, process lead, process engineer and project managers on different levels of engineering studies from conceptual to feasibility. She is also involved in business development and proposals management for Hatch.  

Stefanie Vo sits on the board of directors of CIM’s Canadian Mineral Processors (CMP) Society and is also the CIM Eastern District Vice President.


Alistair Kent

Alistair Kent is a civil geotechnical engineer with over 40 years of experience in the mining sector.  He started his mining career by helping hard rock miners from Inco deal with weak tropical soils in Indonesia, thence to Vancouver where he has worked on a wide range of minerals across Canada and beyond.  He has coordinated and managed multi-disciplinary project and study teams for consultancies, owners and capital investment firms. He is actively involved in the implementation of sustainable development and the integration of multi-disciplinary teams to promote socially responsible mining. He leads the working group on tailings management for the Environment and Social Responsibility Society of CIM, and has been involved with CIM branch and national executives since 1996.