CIM Distinguished Lecturers


CIM Distinguished Lecturers

For accomplishments in scientific, technical, management or educational activities related to the minerals industry

Origins & Conditions


CIM Distinguished Lecturers are chosen on the basis of their accomplishments in scientific, technical, management or educational activities related to the minerals industry, and speak at CIM Branch and Student Chapter meetings across the country.

The CIM Distinguished Lecturers Award criteria and other information:

  1. Persons shall be selected as CIM Distinguished Lecturers on the basis of their distinguished service and accomplishments in scientific, technical or administrative activities related to the minerals industries.
  2. Not more than eight (8) Distinguished Lecturers shall be selected in any Council year.
  3. Each nomination shall be accompanied by a statement supporting the nomination.
  4. The nominations shall be submitted to a special CIM Distinguished Lecturers Selection Committee under the chairmanship of the CIM President-Elect with Awards Standing Committee Members.
  5. The Committee shall select the recipients, confirm their willingness to accept the honour and dedicate their time to give the Lectures, and inform the CIM Chief Executive Officer prior to the last meeting of Council preceding the Annual General Meeting.
  6. The CIM Distinguished Lecturers shall be honoured at the CIM Convention and shall be presented with a certificate.
  7. The CIM Distinguished Lecturers are expected to give their lectures as requested by CIM Branches, Technical Societies and Student Chapters. Universities may also request a lecture.
  8. In the case where the Distinguished Lecturer’s employer or the nominating body is unable to cover the expenses for a lecture, CIM National will cover the cost of air travel while the requesting body will cover local expenses (accommodation, transportation, etc.)


There can be multiple recipients of this award every year. This award is solely for individual nominations (no teams).



Priti Wanjara

Dr. Priti Wanjara is Principal Researcher at the National Research Council of Canada. She obtained her B. Eng. and Ph.D. from McGill University in Materials Engineering. Priti is recognized internationally as a leading material scientist in advanced manufacturing technologies, specializing in developing welding process design and additive manufacturing solutions for aerospace, automotive and power generation industries. She is the author of 250 refereed articles and 140 technical reports. She currently serves on the Neutrons Canada Board and the Scientific Advisory Committee of the NSERC network for Holistic Innovation in Additive Manufacturing. Within CIM, Dr. Wanjara is a contributing member for 30 years. She is a 30-year CIM Member, Past President of the Metallurgical Society and an elected Fellow of CIM, ASM International, Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute, Canadian Welding Bureau, and the Canadian Academy of Engineering. Her prestigious recognitions from the Metallurgical Society of CIM include the Brimacombe Award, Silver Medal and Distinguished Scientist Award.   


Doris Hiam-Galvez

Doris Hiam-Galvez is a Senior Advisor at Hatch, where she has worked for the past sixteen years creating new and innovative business to expand the company in new regions (Australia, South America, Europe & North America). She has also managed Hatch Peru & Hatch Europe. Before joining Hatch she was Chief Technology Officer for Novelis, a major global metal manufacturer.  

 Doris Hiam-Galvez has a PhD in metallurgy and is a board director for the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) and a champion of sustainable development. Working with clients around the world who were struggling with sustainability inspired her to develop “Designing Sustainable Prosperity (DSP),” a new way of doing business which leaves behind a positive sustainable economy with an improved environment. 

Member Spotlight

Aasin Mehmud, Eastern Canada Territory Sales Manager, Caterpillar

CIM has kept me connected with my mining family. People is the most important part of Caterpillar’s business, so getting our customers solutions is our goal. CIM is that bridge to our relationships with our customers and our friends and family in the industry.