National Trophy for Coal Mines


National Trophy for Coal Mines



Teck Coal Limited, Elkview Operations

Elkview Operations is located approximately three kilometres east of Sparwood in southeastern British Columbia.  Elkview has mined and produced steelmaking coal for more than 100 years. Mining began at Elkview in the early 1900s, when people came from across Canada to settle in the communities of Michel, Natal, and Middleton. This mine, like others in the Elk Valley, has experienced multiple changes of ownership over the years and has continued to thrive and grow.  Reserves and Resources at Elkview are projected to support the life of mine plan until 2057. 

Today, under Teck Coal Limited, Elkview Operations currently employs over 1200 personnel with a primary focus of safe, sustainable production of our essential resource and everyone going home safe and healthy every day.


Westmoreland Coal Co., Poplar River Mine

The Poplar River Mine began back in 1979, first owned and operated by SaskPower Corporation of Saskatchewan. After many name changes over the years, the mine is now owned by Westmoreland Mining. The mine is located in picturesque southern Saskatchewan, saddled up against the Big Muddy Valley. Employing approximately 140 people, the mine has been a constant supplier of coal to the Poplar River generating station for over 44 years. In addition to providing employment for area residents it has  also strived to be a good neighbor and participant  in the communities that surround the mine. The Poplar River Mine has always prided itself on safety which has allowed them to win The National John T. Ryan award 4 of the last 5 years by achieving a total frequency rate of 0.00. The mine’s strong safety culture and top-notch employees help power the Province of Saskatchewan!