District Distinguished Service Award


District Distinguished Service Award

For significant contribution to the mineral industry and CIM Branch

Origins & Conditions


At the instigation of W.M. Gilchrist, CIM President (1974-75), three District Distinguished Service Awards (Western, Central and Eastern District) were created to recognize the contributions on a District level of the many Institute members who have significantly contributed to the development of the industry and the Institute at their local or Branch level.

The District Distinguished Service Award criteria and other information

  1. The District Distinguished Service Awards are to be presented to Institute Members in each of the three geographical Districts (Western, Central and Eastern) described in the Institute By-Laws, in recognition of significant contribution to the mineral industry and the Institute in the area designated. The said contributions need not necessarily be of a particular or a special achievement or be related to a technical field of endeavour.
  2. The awards are to be available for presentation yearly, or as conditions warrant.
  3. Endorsements from the Branches' executives and VPs from the three Districts (one nomination by district) are required.
  4. All nominations shall be accompanied by a description of the personal achievement of the nominee.
  5. The candidate will be submitted to a Special Committee composed of the last three living Past Presidents and the current President who will convene the committee, the members will make their recommendations to the Chief Executive Officer.
  6. The Chief Executive Officer shall forward the nominations to CIM Council not later than the last Council Meeting held prior to the next CIM Convention.
  7. No member of the District Awards Committee shall be party to the nomination of any candidate.
  8. The Award shall be presented at the annual CIM Convention, or at some especially arranged official ceremony in the District.



There are three recipients of this award every year. This award is solely for individual nominations (no teams). 



Stephen Hardcastle

Dr. Stephen Hardcastle has had a passion for mine ventilation for over 40 years that has served industry, regulators and governments alike. His career comprises 32 years with the federal government, CanmetMINING, before migrating to consultancy with BBE. He has always been driven by the need to protect workers while making mines more efficient, and by the conviction that decisions should be based upon sound science and economics. Throughout his career he has focused on providing quality and understanding to drive change in developing mine ventilation simulators, improving measurement and monitoring methods, and advancing technology in ventilation management and control systems. To this end he has led major collaborative research programs and application projects, and has become an authority on controlled recirculation, ventilation on demand (or for production), diesel particulate monitoring, and heat stress among others. Today he focuses on bringing ventilation and cooling expertise and solutions to mines throughout the Americas.


Maggie MacKay