A coal processing characteristics index

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Mots clés : Coal processing;Characteristics index;M-curve
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Sommaire: zation of underground mines have led to the production of large amounts of gaseous and particulate contaminants. Over 100 000 lives have been lost due to methane gas and dust explosions in coal mine workings in both the United States and Canada since 1900. There is, therefore, the need to constantly assess and evaluate the performance of existing mine ventilation systems to maintain safe and acceptable mine environmental conditions. This paper advances research initiatives in the control of...
Publication: CIM Bulletin
Auteur(s): R.S. Suglo, S. Frimpong
Mots clés: Underground mining, Auxiliary ventilation systems, Methane gas, Air flow
Numéro: 1054
Volume: 94
Année: 2001
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