Techniques of inverse drop raise blasting and slot drilling

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Mots clés : Drilling;Blasting;Slot drilling
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Sommaire: Drilling and blasting are fundamental operations in the mining cycle and constitute an important component of the mining costs. Problems associated with improper drilling and blasting practices can create losses of several millions of dollars per year. For this reason, a Blasting Technology program was initiated in 1984 at the Noranda Technology Centre (NTC). In this paper, advances made at NTC in drill and blast technology are reviewed. Impacts of drilling and basting for Noranda are...
Publication: CIM Bulletin
Auteur(s): A. Piché, Q. Liu, H. Tran, L. van Hijfte
Mots clés: Blasting, Drilling, Noranda Technology Centre, Research, Technology.
Numéro: 1039
Volume: 93
Année: 2000
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