A method to synchronize the tandem dragline systems

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Mots clés : Coal Mining;Draglines
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Sommaire: This paper describes the operation of a rope haulage used as the main system of transportation in an underground coal mine. Prince Colliery, which is operated by the Cape Breton Development Corporation, has been in operation for 23 years and produces 1.2 million tonnes of coal annually. The mine extends a distance of 8000 metres under the Atlantic Ocean. All personnel and supplies are transported by means of an endless rope haulage system consisting of a train of rail cars that are operated...
Publication: CIM Bulletin
Auteur(s): John T. Ling
Mots clés: Coal mining, Haulage systems, Prince Colliery, Rope haulage systems, Underground mining.
Numéro: 1029
Volume: 92
Année: 1999
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