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Mots clés : Automation;Load Haul Dump machines;Line-of-sight radio control;Radio control;Teleremote control;Vehicle control area network
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Sommaire: INCO is committed to proceed into the next century using automation and robotics to achieve safety and productivity goals necessary to enhance its competitive position. Stobie Mine, decades old, is the first of its mines to change from labour-intensive to automation-assisted techniques. This paper is a synopsis of the progress made during the transition period including overviews of some of the projects as well as some of the difficulties in the assimilation of the technology.
Publication: CIM Bulletin
Auteur(s): R.A. Poole, P.V. Golde, G.R. Baiden, M. Scoble
Mots clés: Automation, INCO Limited, Robotics, Stobie mine, Sudbury Basin, Technology.
Numéro: 1016
Volume: 91
Année: 1998
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