Experimental Production of Pig Iron and Steel From Cominco Iron Concentrates

CIM Bulletin1955
In the separation of lead and zinc concentrates from the ore from Cominco's Sullivan mine at Kimberley, • B.C., an iron sulphide concentrate is also produced, some of which is roasted to provide sulphuric add for the manufacture of phosphate fertilizer. The iron oxide calcine from the roaster is potentially a valuable raw material for the production of pig iron and steel. To evaluate this material, six tons of .pig iron was produced from it in an experimental 75 k.w. electric furnace at Trail. The pig iron alone, and also in varying proportions with structural steel scrap and commercial pig iron, was used in the production of basic electric furnace steel at the Mines Branch Laboratories, Ottawa. Details are given of the steel making and fabrication procedure, of the visual and microscopic examination, and of the extensive series of tests on the steel produced. The steel produced using Cominco .pig iron in the charge showed normal working properties in all tests carried out.
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