Energy optimization approach for mining operations

CIM Vancouver 2016
Mr Paul Beckwith (Metals & Mining Segment Manager - Schneider Electric)
Energy in mining is a highly complex variable which accounts for approximately 30% of operational costs, and therefore, the mining company that successfully manages energy efficiency is a company with a major competitive advantage.

The challenge in mining and mineral processing operations is actually quite simple: to understand where energy is being utilized, how much is being used, and to identify the best strategies for optimizing usage and targeting the best cost/ benefit opportunities.

An energy efficiency roadmap is the primary strategy for achieving efficiency and it involves a thorough analysis of energy conversion and usage in all mine facilities and processes. Its goal is to develop a continuous action plan that unlocks the savings potential and increases throughput:

Identify energy-saving opportunities
Define solutions along with their technical & economical feasibility
Support implementation
Verify savings
Sustaining savings

This presentation will provide more details about the energy optimization roadmap and some of the strategies and technologies that deliver continuous energy efficiency in mining.
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