Changing the Safety Culture at Gibraltar Mine

CIM Vancouver 2016
Mr Dale Lawson ( Senior Coordinator, Health and Safety - Gibraltar Mines Ltd), Mrs Kelly Parker (Manager, Mining - Gibraltar Mines Ltd)
On December 12, 2015 Gibraltar mine achieved a significant milestone of operating two years Lost Time Incident Free. In February of 2016, Gibraltar Mine was awarded the John Ash Award, presented annually to the open Pit mine in BC working more than 1 million man-hours with the lowest lost time incident frequency. This marks the second year in a row Gibraltar had been recognized for their safety performance through this award.
Since 2005, Gibraltar Mine has reduced its Combined MA/LT Incident Frequency Rate by 75%. The presentation highlights the steps taken by the site in the back to basics approach to managing site safety that resulted in a strong safety performance and a positive change to the site safety culture.
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