LRDI: Supporting Mining companies while creating shared value

CIM Vancouver 2016
Mr Brian Yates (Director Environment - SNC-Lavalin)
Mining companies are increasingly obliged to formalize initiatives aimed at intensifying the development impact of the investment, promote local employability, and increase local ownership of host communities. But how can such initiatives be formalized, especially in complex environments where stakeholders protect their own interest? SNC-Lavalin realizes a Program that meets the needs of mining companies: the Local Resource Development Initiative (LRDI TM).
The LRDI optimal use of local resource through workplace experience and skills development is currently recognized as key to promote pro-poor growth, while realizing results of appropriate quality within an agreed timeframe, safety, and to budget.
Direct benefits of the program include employment creation, income generation, and significant savings on construction and mining costs. Indirect impacts relate to sustainable long-term effects derived from job opportunities, transfers of knowledge, creation of useful infrastructures. Such an approach helps to ensure that the project’s social acceptability is continually renewed. Ultimately, it is the creation of shared value between project and communities and between generations.

This presentation covers the LRDI Program for the Umm Wu’al Project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which allows international companies to meet their Saudization requirements, and integration of local labor in industrial projects.
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