Innovations in Social Closure: The Experience of New Gold's Cerro San Pedro Mine in Mexico

CIM Vancouver 2016
Dr Silvana DunhamCosta (Manager, Environment and Social Responsibility - New Gold ), Mrs Marc D'Avila (Manager, Sustainable Development - Minera San Xavier)
Planning for mine closure usually focuses on a detailed reclamation plan designed by experts to mitigate environmental impacts. Typically, less emphasis and effort is put towards understanding about the social aspects of mine closure and how to mitigate the socio-economic impacts of closing a mine. Industry best practices highlight the need to engage host communities in planning for mine closure and to ensure a positive socio-economic legacy is left once a mining operation has ceased. Nevertheless, there are limited industry benchmarks on the social challenges of closure and implementation of socially responsible mine closure.

New Gold’s Cerro San Pedro Mine, located in central Mexico, has taken an integrated approach to closure planning. The mine is going beyond regulatory requirements to engage with key stakeholders to understand the social impacts of closure and working with local actors on a shared vision of a sustainable future after mine closure. This presentation summarizes the Cerro San Pedro Social Closure Strategy, providing an overview of the consultation and participatory process that the company has undertaken to discuss aspects of mine closure and the future without the mine, as well as the initiatives currently in place to achieve the social objectives of mine closure.
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