Five Steps to Fundamentally Transform the Mining Industry

CIM Vancouver 2016
Mr Carl Weatherell (Executive Director and CEO - Canada Mining Innovation Council)
The mining and minerals industry has been talking about innovation for decades. Calls for innovation and fundamental change by senior executives in the industry and others are escalating. Yet, evidence suggests the mining industry is not employing innovation as a key enabler for our industry. Our approach to innovation is in general not linked to corporate strategy but focuses on small specific improvements at individual mine sites.

When we compare the mining industry to other industries such as manufacturing, aerospace and defense it is clear that we are significantly behind. In fact, many suggest we are 20-30 years behind other industries and act like our “feet are stuck in cement”. So how do companies industries tackle innovation to drive transformation within their companies and across their industries?

This presentation will tackle the question of “What do we need to do to innovate” by examining five key steps often employed by highly innovative companies. Examples will be presented highlighting each of the five steps.
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