Have recent major projects changed the social context for future mining projects in British Columbia?

CIM Vancouver 2016
Mr Mark Westbury (AECOM)
Since 2012 a number of large scale development projects have been proposed in British Columbia, including those for major Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) facilities and associated pipelines, and for mines. These projects have received high levels of interest amongst local communities, First Nations, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). They have also come at a time when the Supreme Court of Canada’s ‘Tsilhqot'in’ decision has altered perspectives on Aboriginal title and authority to control land.

This presentation describes how recent projects have altered the following aspects of the social context within which future mining projects will be planned and developed in BC:
• Increased expectations of First Nations and strengthened capacity to participate as partners in the decision making on project approvals and in subsequent business opportunities,
• Extended and strengthened networks of NGOs and activists who are using a variety of means to affect the development of projects.
• Created new precedents and benchmarks for First Nations benefit agreements.

The presentation discusses the risks and opportunities that these changes will create for future mining projects in BC and across Canada.
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