Weathering the Perfect Storm - How to lead a multi-generational workforce

CIM Vancouver 2016
Ms Annemarie Michaud (CLG), Ms Kim Huggins (Senior Principal - CLG)
Captains of industry keep a watchful eye on economic forecasts. But what happens when market volatility collides with a shortage of skilled labor and a pending wave of retirements?

It’s the perfect storm, brewing now in your own industry.

While many Canadian mining workers delayed retirement during the recession, a major shift is underway. According to Mining Industry Human Resources Council, about 40 percent of industry employees who were between the ages of 45 and 64 in 2011 will retire within the next two decades.
Also, 31 percent of professional and physical science occupations in mining are held by Millennials (25-34 year olds), and the numbers are growing.

Add in Gen X (34 – 50 year olds) and Gen Z who will join the workforce shortly, and you have four distinct employee groups, each bringing a unique set of core values, characteristics, learning styles and experience levels.

This creates leadership challenges never before seen.

This session prepares leadership to take the helm of a multi-generational workforce. Topics include:
1. Descriptions of generational groups, and what is important to them in the workplace
2. 3 simple strategies to create a work environment that’s attractive to all generations

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