Advances in Laboratory Rock Mechanics Testing

CIM Vancouver 2016
Dr James F. Archibald (Professor - Queens University), Mr Oscar Rielo (Research Manager - Queen's University)
An overview of recent innovations and developments for the laboratory testing of rock materials, as undertaken at Queen’s University, will be presented. Innovative procedures that have been developed at the Queen’s Rock Mechanics Laboratory (RML) provide the capacity to perform quality testing of rock materials through integration of state-of-the art Material Test System compression test frames and enhanced data acquisition software that has been developed in-house. Typical testing for unconfined compression, triaxial confined compression and direct shear strength parametric data, by way of example, can be conducted in real time with the capacity to perform all such tests near-simultaneously. Additionally, testing procedures have been developed to permit acquisition of simultaneous acoustic emission output and waveform feature analysis for core samples as they undergo standard strength analysis.
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