Performance of open stopes in deep mining

CIM Vancouver 2016
Mr. Jerome Robert Martel (Student - Université Laval), Prof Marcel Laflamme (Professeur agrégé - Université Laval), Prof Stefan Planeta (Professeur titulaire - Université Laval)
In partnership with Agnico Eagle, IAMGold and Goldcorp, Laval University is currently undertaking the project «Deep Mines: operating challenges and impacts on minerallurgical recovery» which has led to the development of a major database that allows the study and comparison of planned and actual performances in the context of deep mining. This article presents the results of the performance of more than 1,000 stopes mined from depths between 860 meters and 2,450 meters at the LaRonde mining operation. It proposes the first empirical method of evaluating the performance of open stopes taking into account the effect of depth based on data related to the extraction of stopes whose depth exceeds 1,500 meters.

Analysis of the database demonstrates the significant impact of depth on dilution of ore in the stopes. The method developed in this project is inspired by the stability graphs with ELOS presented by Clark in 1998, and provides an update of this empirical approach which improves the estimate of dilution when planning open stopes in a context of deep mining.
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