Evolution of a Complex Geological Model for Resource Estimation, Peñasquito Mine, Mexico

CIM Montreal 2015
Sally Goodman (Goldcorp Inc.)
A sound geological model is the foundation for robust resource estimation, efficient mine planning and effective near-mine exploration. The geological model can only fulfill these roles if it evolves as data, ideas and knowledge develop during the life of a project. The model must be performance-tested, validated and revised as necessary, particularly in the early years of mine life, when deductions and interpretations made from drillhole data are supplemented (and perhaps superseded) by direct observations of geological relationships in three dimensions.
This presentation will describe geological modeling of a complex orebody during the early stages of mine operation, and the evolution of the geological model (including lithology, alteration, structure and oxidation models) from simple to more complex as the controls on mineralization became better understood. The effect of model evolution on resource estimation and reconciliation will also be discussed.
Mots clés : resource, reconciliation, geology, Mexico
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