Development of the NML’s Taconite Project’s concentrator flowsheet to optimize the operating costs and achieve high quality products

CIM Montreal 2015
Rock Gagnon (New Millennium Iron Corp.)
Since 2005, NML has performed multiple pilot plant and test programs to develop their processing flowsheet. The traditional flowsheet based on a SAG mill proved to be more power intensive than alternate flowsheets using HPGRs. HPGRs were chosen to reduce power requirements and improve the operating cost of the process plant. Since only the magnetic iron is recovered during process, progressive grinding and liberation is applied to further reduce the power consumption. Finally, flotation is used to reduce the final silica to meet the market needs for high quality low silica pellets. The results of numerous process investigations will be discussed in this presentation.
Mots clés : Grinding, Iron ore processing, Taconite, HPGR
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