Quantification of human reliability in mining

CIM Montreal 2015
Mustafa Kumral (McGill University), Elie Abou-Jaoude (McGill University), Julian Ramirez Ruiseco (McGill University)
Even though mining industry put a specific emphasis on reliability, maintenance and safety over the last 30 years, major safety problems and accidents have still been observed because the operations are managed by humans. Since human contribution to operation reliability is a multi-disciplinary area interacting with cultural studies, psychology, design, education and engineering, it is a difficult aspect to research. This research aims to analyze and classify human errors and intends to propose quantification approaches of human reliability in mining operations. In doing so, we will extend to extreme event theory and attempt to develop human reliability index. Thus, mining industry can have a useful tool to deal with human reliability in mining workplace. The approach proposed can also be useful in accident analysis.
Mots clés : safety, mining operations, human reliability
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