Design Criteria and Stability Assessment for Tailings Management Facilities – What are the Current Tendencies - a Practitioner’s Point of View

CIM Montreal 2015
Mayana Kissiova (Golder Associés Ltée)
Several recent publications have addressed the way Tailings Management Facilities (TMF) are designed and operated in Canada, and in Quebec in particular. The stability assessment can no longer account only for one final configuration, but must take into account the different stages in the TMF development in order to address the increasingly complex design schemes put together to answer the challenging environmental and social context of mining projects. Even though complex design tools for probabilistic or 3D deformation analyses exist, most practitioners tend to apply the traditionally well known methodologies and adapt their use to the new environment. Particular difficulties arise, though, when an existing TMF’s life is to be prolonged and operated within the new operational and closure framework. The key element in the success of some of the recent TMF upgrades has been to allow for a transitional stage with intermediate design criteria in order to achieve the final objectives of the design in the long term.
Mots clés : management, tailings, stability
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