Creating Systematic and Sustainable Change One Perfect Day at a Time

CIM Montreal 2015
Laura Methot (CLG Canada, ULC)
A culture of Operational Excellence can create formidable competitive advantage by shifting leadership focus from singularly delivering on safe, reliable operations to concurrently, continuously, deploying performance enhancements while delivering on today’s goals.
In order to change culture and achieve new and better results, behaviour must change. Innovative leaders can start by aligning performance goals around “the perfect day” which in mining operations tends towards achieving “safe, clean, cost effective tons”. By focussing on crew behaviours that generate valued outputs, and creating effective and engaging leadership, productivity can be substantially improved while simultaneously improving safety and environmental performance, enhancing reliability and creating cultures of continuous improvement where people want to and can achieve their very best.
We will share data and approaches to sharpen operational excellence by adding an emphasis on behavioural execution in an approach that integrates with continuous improvement activities focused on cycle time, throughput and cost-improvement projects to contribute to better performance levels included in the Perfect Day metrics.
Mots clés : Environmental Performance, Behavioural Execution, Safety, Leadership, Operational Excellence, The Perfect Day, Productivity, Continuous Improvement
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