Closed Side Setting Measurement and Mainshaft Installation

CIM Montreal 2015
Shaun Makar (Crusher Vision, Inc.)
A patent pending system and method for measuring the closed side setting (CSS) on gyratory crushers. This measurement technique is used to provide more accurate data and faster data collection times than current techniques used today. It will give crusher operators accurate and reliable measurement for the CSS in a live operating environment. Measurement data can be collected in five minutes allowing for fast adjustment of the mantle position. The advantage of this system is that it is permanently mounted at the crusher location. The operator can turn the system on and off as many times as they like throughout the day. The goal is to maintain a constant CSS gap based on production and maintenance criteria to help streamline operations and enhance safety efficiencies.

The safety factor enhancement with this system is extreme. It does not require the use of overhead cranes, cleaning out the crusher, lowering people into the crusher or having the operator lower paint cans or lead balls into the crusher pocket while the crusher is in operation for measurement.

Current methods used to position the crusher mantle into its place was to have a worker/spotter underneath the suspended mantle. This spotter would provide guidance to the crane operator as to mantle positioning. The crane operator is always above the spotter. This puts the spotter in a vulnerable position. A safer method was needed.

The solution provided was to have wireless cameras attached to the crusher mantle providing real time video feed to a laptop or tablet that the crane operator used to guide the mantel into place. A “spotter” is no longer required to be underneath the suspended load.
Mots clés : Mantle, Gyratory, CSS, OSS, Crusher, Concave, Closed Side Setting
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