New ASTM Standard for Mill Gear Drive Cleaning and Inspections

CIM Montreal 2015
Jason Shumka (Glogal Inspections-NDT, inc.)
To understand operational and production behavior of operational machinery, a robust data collection and examination process must be established. ASTM Standard E2905 was developed for mill gear drives cleaning and inspections. This method detects 100% of all gear flank and root surface flaws, larger than 0.015 of an inch. This practice addresses the need to detect surface breaking flaws electronically, and to have the ability to size accurately any surface breaking cracks found on cast and forged ring gear and pinion teeth faster and more effectively than other methods. All the data can be electronically archived for future reference.
This method is cleaner, faster, documentable, and covers a larger area in less examination time and greatly improves Probability of Detection better than any other traditional Non-Destructive Testing methods today for mill gear drives.
Cleaning has never been easier. 10m ring gear can be cleaned in less than an hour. There is no need to wipe the gear flanks down after the cleaning, saving numerous person hours.
Drastically reduces inspection time. Covers a large area in one single pass. Provides real-time mapping of the inspected region, facilitating data interpretation. Improves reliability and Probability of Detection (POD).
This practice will help to standardize the use of this nondestructive testing approach for large mill gear drives cleaning and inspections; a service valued by customers worldwide.
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