Children and Mining: perspectives from companies at every level

CIM Montreal 2015
Simon Chorley (UNICEF Canada)
Children make up a third of the world’s population, and are key stakeholders for Canadian mining companies as consumers and dependents, future employees and community leaders. Yet they can often be more vulnerable to and less involved in decisions that impact them. Many companies believe a prohibition on child labour is sufficient to minimize child-related risks. Yet there are other equally material impacts, from decent work for caregivers that can increase gender diversity in the workforce, to child protection and safety in and around the mine site; from the disproportionate effects that environmental impacts and corruption can have on children, to the conduct of security forces and subcontracted companies.

Canadian mining companies have significant potential to change children’s lives. By strategically addressing children’s considerations at both site-level and company-wide, companies can minimize risk, extend community ownership, and enhance workforce engagement. UNICEF Canada has been pioneering this approach in collaboration with companies across the sector from exploration through construction to production.

In this session, attendees will learn about the materiality of children’s considerations at every stage of the mining cycle. They will be presented with tangible steps that companies can take, and hear about Canadian companies who are leading the way.
Mots clés : Children, Sustainability, Social License, Women, Community, Human Rights, CSR, Child Labour
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