CDDA Drilling Excellence Certification

CIM Montreal 2015
Bert Hettrich (International Certification Ltd.)
The proposed paper will include the technical requirement of the Canadian Diamond Drilling Associations Drilling Excellence Certification Program (DEC) and highlight the benefits for a Mining and Mineral Exploration Company to select a DEC certified contractor.
The DEC presentation will show Mining and Mineral Exploration Companies the benefits of selecting a DEC certified Contractor for their drilling program, e.g.
• the risk management methods and their risk rating applied to the Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality hazards related to a drilling program
• performance indicators related to Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality and procedures related to such performance indicators, e.g.
o Preventative Maintenance and Equipment Inspections (i.e. downtime)
o Spill procedures and reporting
o Incident analysis and improvement projects
• how the Contractor ensures Roles, Functions, Accountabilities and Responsibilities support the drilling program
• how the Contractor manages logistics to minimize the environmental impact of the drilling and related activities (i.e. number of unplanned trips to the site)
• how the Contractor fulfills regulatory, statutory and other requirements related to the drilling program
• the system applied by the Contractor to keep records and make them available to the client for review
• how the DEC requirements can be included in a specification and requirement document for the drilling program
The Mining and Mineral Exploration Companies can use this information to reduce inspections, audits and other project management functions to reduce costs on their side.
The presentation includes group discussions and a case study.
Mots clés : Environment, safety, Quality
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