Natural Gas for Mining and Rail

Westport, a Vancouver BC based company, is a leading developer of advanced natural gas engines and fuel systems. Westport and Caterpillar are collaborating to develop natural gas fueled large mine trucks (LMTs) and locomotives using high-pressure direct injection (HPDI) technology. HPDI is the only technology that provides the same performance, efficiency and transient response as diesel equipment with greater than 90% gas substitution and capability to meet Tier 4 emission levels with minimal exhaust after-treatment. Natural gas technology offers significant opportunities for the mining sector, and other high-fuel use industries. High gas substitution at all operating conditions provides maximum fuel cost advantages by using abundant natural gas resources. The high-efficiency and low methane emissions that are unique characteristics of HPDI also contribute to reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Westport is deeply involved in development of the cryogenic liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage and supply system for LMTs and locomotives. LNG fuel tenders provide superior range to diesel locomotives. Westport has delivered Westport™ LNG Well Tenders for Canadian National Rail and is developing Westport™ LNG Tank Tenders to support HPDI locomotives.
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