Ethical readiness for equitable partnerships

The ability to operationalize engagements is essential for the success of an equitable partnership. The ability of the partners to fulfill their commitments is the foundation of trust, and the only way to bring value to those involved. Aside from trust, other precipitating conditions are required to ensure successful partnerships including capacity building, ongoing dialogue, and structured governance. Often, mechanisms will be built into agreements to formalize these conditions; however this is not enough to guarantee success.

Using examples from my experience at an existing mine in Eastern Québec I will argue that in order for an equitable partnership to be truly successful, it must be effective. This requires an ethical approach to implementation which necessitates a corporate culture that reflects the intentions and the values embedded in the partnership.

Efforts tend to be made to ensure that the community partner has the capacity and the resources to effectively implement engagements. However the key driver in operationalizing engagements is the mining company’s ability to be ethical which requires rigorous focus, proper change management, and capacity building inside the organization.

This presentation will outline the precipitating conditions mentioned above and will discuss how to evaluate the ethical readiness of a mining company to effectively implement its commitments.
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