Reducing Maintenance Costs with Mixed Flow Fans for Mine Ventilation

The Mixed Flow Fan can be a cost effective alternative to an axial fan in situations where capital cost and resistance to erosion are as important as power consumption. It is well suited for mine ventilation projects, where its compact, robust design can be the most technically effective for primary ventilation and underground booster applications. As the name suggests, a Mixed Flow Fan combines the best features of an axial and a centrifugal fan, with the impeller consisting of curved plate blades welded to a conical hub. Using inlet radial vane control, rapid changes in fan output are possible in response to process demands. The inherently low velocities within the impeller result in low wear rates in mining environments. As the aerodynamic performance of the Mixed Flow Fan is not sensitive to wear on the blade profile, the fan output is not noticeably degraded by erosion or corrosion, and the fan will maintain high operational efficiencies over a long period of time without the need to replace the blade. This presentation will discuss the use of Mixed Flow Fans at underground mines in both new and retrofit installations.
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