Building a Safety Technology Toolkit

The Mining Technology Group (MTG) resides within Operating Excellence at Teck and has a mandate to identify, evaluate and select emerging technologies that have the potential to add value to Teck’s global mining operations, with one focus area being Safety Systems.
Safety technologies have come into focus in recent years, as vendors have introduced new systems to augment and support existing safety procedures and practices. Evaluating safety technologies presents a number of challenges, including:
• Comparing products with very different underlying technologies or platforms (e.g. radar vs GPS, eye closure vs ECG)
• Evaluating vendors and/or products that are new to the mining industry (lack of proven performance in a mining environment, modification of products to suit, etc)
• Quantifying the value of safety products
This presentation will outline the Mining Technology Group’s approach to safety technology systems and discuss applications where technology can benefit mining companies striving to achieve Zero Harm.
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