Importance of Geo-Mechanical Data Acquisition

Following Standard NI 43-101 implies that geological and engineering works have been done with enough details to be at a pre-feasibility level (CIM standard). Part of the engineering study must considered geo-mechanical constraints that may affect mining method selection, production rate, size of openings, ground support requirements etc. Therefore geo-mechanical data must be collected to enable proper geo-mechanical study throughout a project life. The geo-mechanical data permits geo-mechanical evaluation that helps mitigate potential risk to people, reserve, infrastructure, and equipment, brief to insure safe production. This paper will describe the critical data required, will provide an estimate of the quantity and quality required and will define when the data must be obtained. Furthermore, a brief description of how geo-mechanical data is used will be given. The purpose of the geo-mechanical data acquisition program is to collect appropriate data that will allow making a sound mine design with risk as low as reasonably achievable without undue delay, re-work or budget overrun to the project.
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